FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Iraq 1-1 Australia - Player Ratings

Mohammed Hameed:

Was really good at coming off of his line at the right time and this really calmed down the defence, especially in the second half. Didn’t have loads to do but did everything that was asked of him. 7/10

Dhurgham Ismail:

Did really well offensively, getting past players and winning a few freekicks in dangerous positions, however was caught out of position defensively too often. 6/10

Rebin Sulaka:

Fairly solid performance in only his fourth appearance, was very calm on the ball under pressure but could have been in a better position to cut out the cross which eventually led to the corner for Australia’s goal. 6/10

Ahmed Ibrahim:

Did make a few good tackles and interceptions as well as nearly scoring at the other end, but didn’t get anywhere near the ball for Australia’s goal allowing a practically free header. 5/10

Ali Bahjat:

Was quite solid and managed to get Iraq out of trouble with some important clearances, however perhaps didn’t need to concede the initial corner which led to Australia scoring. 6/10

Alaa Mhawi:

Poor performance from the right back; totally lost his marker for the goal with no attempt at preventing the run and lost the ball too often in the opponent's half leaving the defence exposed. 5/10

Saad Abdul-Amir:

Did really well to pressure the Australian midfielders and defenders, helping to win the ball high up the pitch. Also kept possession effectively and moved the ball around well. 7/10

Mahdi Kamil:

Tried to be creative with a few decent forward passes, however as the game went on he seemed to go missing and was eventually substituted quite early. 6/10

Ali Adnan:

Always seemed a threat with his pace and power causing Australia problems. Didn’t seem to find his range with passing and crossing but eventually put a great cross into the box for Iraq’s goal. 7/10

Amjad Kalaf:

Wasted an easy opportunity and didn’t manage to get himself into the game; was the first player to be sacrificed by Radhi when switching the formation. 5/10

Mohanad Abdul-Raheem:

Provided a presence up front and got into good positions. Unfortunately for him, the service didn’t allow him many opportunities, especially since no attacking midfielder meant that all the attacks came from the wings. 6/10


Amjad Attwan:

Chased down the ball and put pressure on Australian midfielders, however this sometimes left him out of position and he made too many mistimed challenges allowing opposition players to pass him. 5/10

Ahmed Yasin:

Added some much needed energy when he came on and contributed by scoring the equaliser; probably should have started the game based on his performance. 7/10

Hammadi Ahmed:

Changed the game when he came on, his movement drew Australian defenders out of position opening up much more space for the Iraqi players to create chances. 7/10

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