FIFA World Cup Qualifier: Saudi Arabia 1-0 Iraq - Player Ratings

Mohammed Hameed:
Not a game to remember for Hameed. Distribution was poor, gifting Saudi Arabia with a big chance. Should’ve done much better with the goal and was rescued by Ahmed Ibrahim after letting a tame shot slip past him. 5/10

Alaa Mhawi:
Tried to get forward as much as possible and was one of the only Iraqis willing to take players on and make forward passes. However his tendency to push high up the field did leave him out of position on a few occasions. 6/10

Ahmed Ibrahim:
Made some exceptionally well-timed tackles and broke down the majority of Saudi Arabia’s attacks. Saved Iraq from going down a goal down in the first half with a last ditch clearance off the line. He also had Iraq’s best chance at the other end. 7/10

Rebin Sulaka:
Broke down a lot of Saudi Arabia attacks with some strong tackling, however lost his position too often and made a few wayward passes that were lucky not to be punished. 6/10

Dhurgham Ismail:
Ventured forward as usual although had little impact on the game and was caught out of position too often. 5/10

Ahmed Yasin:
The hero of the Australia game had one of his worst performances in an Iraq shirt; didn’t manage to get past any of the Saudi full-backs and his final ball was extremely poor. 4/10

Saad Abdul-Amir:
As usual worked extremely hard in midfield winning the ball back numerous times and trying to spark some creative play whenever possible. 7/10

Amjad Attwan:
The youngster was really energetic and made countless tackles to win back possession in the midfield. However he continues to commit himself very early in challenges and this led to Saudi Arabia’s goal. 6/10

Ali Adnan:
Didn’t offer too much going forward and was replaced early in the second half; his corner taking was terrible which was really costly given the lack of chances created in open play. 5/10

Hammadi Ahmed:
Kept the ball well and managed to win a few fouls in dangerous areas, His movement was also quite important in an otherwise static performance from Iraq. 6/10

Mohanad Abdul-Raheem:
The service to him wasn’t good but he didn’t manage to get himself into the game at all and when he did get an opportunity his first touch really let him down. 5/10

Ali Husni, Alaa Abdul-Zahra and Mahdi Kamil:
None of them made any impact on the game. All 5/10

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